Hi Darienne – my Dariqueen!

Hi Darienne!

Darienne, I am very happy you have searched and found me. You know as well as I do, neither of us is guilty. Neither of us did anything wrong. Dariqueen, I am not made at you. I don’t blame you at all. We were not at fault. The fault was all those that wrote false testimonies against us.

Dariqueen, I am not your enemy. I am your friend. I always have been from the day we met. Remember all the things we used to do together? We went climbing, hiking, fishing, played many games, did school work, did crafts, Dariqueen, we did a LOT of stuff together!

And we can do MORE together when you call me! My new number is 918-361-1729.  One day you will call! Or, you could send me an email! You will find my email on this site on a different page. Darienne, one day we will go to church together again!


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